Diploma programs

There’s more than one way to accomplish the impressive academic achievement of graduating with a U.S. high school diploma. Find the program that’s right for you.

Quick facts: Diploma programs

  • Start when you want to
  • Pace your studies to fit your needs
  • Study day or night and throughout the year
  • Engage live with tutors and classmates

Our diploma programs

Hybrid Dual diploma

Study exchange + Online classes + Classes at home

When you complete your study exchange in the U.S., you’ll have 25% of the credits you need to earn a U.S. high school diploma. You only need to earn four more credits online while you complete high school at home. Classes on the Hybrid dual diploma program are delivered by Washington Academy.

All-Online Dual Diploma

Online classes + Classes at home

You don’t have to study abroad in the U.S. to earn a dual diploma. You can earn 100% of the required six credits with online classes while you complete high school at home. There are 2 program options for the All-Online dual diploma – Thornton Academy and Wayland Academy.

Full-Time U.S. High school diploma online

Online classes

Graduate with a U.S. high school diploma at home without studying at a local high school. You’ll take dozens of classes with Thornton Academy to earn the credits required to finish high school with impressive credentials.

Thornton Academy

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Washington Academy

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Wayland Academy

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Launch your international education online in just a few steps!

1. Choose a program
Find the program that will help you achieve your academic goals and enroll.
2. Submit transcripts
Send us application materials, including transcripts from your local high school.
3. Enjoy your studies
Once you’re accepted, you’ll get access to our custom learning platform.
4. Graduate
Finish your program and start planning the next step in your academic career.

Always included: College Advisement Program

Our College Advisement Program (CAP) helps students find the right university or college and make a winning application. With us, no one misses out on higher learning. Here’s how:
Personalized college counseling

Students get free, one-to-one guidance from an experienced college counselor.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Students will receive an offer from at least one of the 300+ colleges and universities in the CAP network.

Scholarship opportunities

Students can apply for exclusive CAP scholarships.

Application fee waiver

No fees are charged for the first 3 applications students make within the CAP network.

Apply anywhere

Students can get support applying to any school, including those outside the CAP network.

Hear from our alumni


Studying at Washington Academy transformed me both as a learner and a person. The Dual Diploma program allowed me to discover new study methods and understand the foreign education system. It’s a great program to expand your horizons beyond your local school, learn how to communicate with new teachers, and prepare for university abroad. I strongly urge everyone who has a chance to join to grab the opportunity!

Alizhan, 15 years old, Kazakhstan

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