All-Online Dual Diploma

Earn a USA high school diploma without leaving your home country.
Online Courses + High School at Home

You earn a dual diploma when you complete high school in your home country and earn 5 – 6 credits with a U.S. high school. Take courses with one of our American high school partners to get the credits you need while still attending your high school at home. When you graduate, you’ll be awarded two diplomas – 1 from your home school and 1 from the USA.

Study when you want to

You can earn your American credits over 1 – 4 years. Choose to study during the academic year or the summer break. Classes are asynchronous, so you can start when you want to and learn at the right pace for you. You’ll still interact with teachers and classmates, so look forward to optional live sessions twice a month in your core classes.

Take classes that interest you

Some of the classes you take are mandatory, including US History and English. But you will also choose electives, classes in subjects that may not be available at your local high school Deepening your knowledge in subjects that interest you will be fun and possibly inform what you study after high school. 

Quick facts: All-Online Dual Diploma

  • Take 5 – 6 asynchronous virtual courses in addition to your classes at home
  • The total of courses online and at home enable you to earn your USA High School Dual Diploma
  • Get support from teachers and academic advisors
  • Spread the courses out. Online studies can be done over 1 – 4 years
  • Study during the academic year or summer
  • Start anytime, study at your own pace

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Girl smiling on her graduation day.

Hear from our Alumni

Academy online - Student Patrick

“The platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I really like that I can see my progress and the calender is very nice to have. If you follow the recommendations from the teachers and the platform, you will not fall behind”

Patrik, 18 years old, Denmark