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Educatius Group is the largest organization worldwide dedicated to high school study abroad programs. We partner with education agents and consultants, schools, and language centers to deliver exceptional international high school experiences to students worldwide. Educatius Academy provides virtual programs that put a U.S. high school diploma within reach of students everywhere.

Agent Partners

Academy online student partners.

Build your Business

  • Helping students stand out will set your agency apart – Support students in reaching their dreams of obtaining a U.S. diploma, either abroad or at home.
  • Earn more by offering more – Create a new revenue stream through online programs. Your current students can add a dual diploma to their exchange – they only need to take 3-4 online courses
  • Provide virtual programs to new students – Be a hero to students who can’t go abroad. Help them earn a U.S. diploma at home.
  • Work together with local schools – Collaborate with your local schools to offer dual diploma programs to students.

School Partners

Provide an International Education

  • Offer students an international education experience – Providing an international study opportunity at home will let students experience a different academic environment and benefit from earning 2 diplomas – 1 from your school plus 1 from the USA.
  • Stand out by providing a unique USA Dual Diploma – Your school will stand out in the community.
  • It’s an easy, cost-efficient way to add international programming – The Dual Diploma program is free to schools. It does not require intensive teacher training. All you need to do is promote the program to your students. They can work independently or you can choose to offer support. It’s up to you!
  • Help students improve their English – Studying foreign courses in English will help boost your students’ English skills and prepare them for international careers.
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Reputable, Accredited Progams

Our American high school partners provide fully-accredited, standards-based curriculum that offers an array of virtual courses, including APs. Their high school diplomas are recognized and respected around the world. Engaged teachers are trained and experienced in instructing online courses to students from diverse backgrounds. Students also receive personalized guidance counseling before their studies begin.

Become a Partner

Partner with us and position your agency or school as a provider of international education opportunities that ambitious students and their parents are looking for. We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide our partners and their students, so rely on us every step of the way. Contact us today and discover more about Educatius Group, Educatius Academy, and our fulfilling student programs.

Unrivalled Support

Earn More by Offering More

Offering students more ways to reach their goals creates more ways for you to drive revenue.

Competetive Edge

Be More Competitive

Giving students a route to an international diploma will give you a competitive edge.

Inspire Others

Retain More Students

Retain students by giving them more exciting milestones in their educational journey.

Giving Back

Be a Hero

Families that cannot send their child abroad will turn to your agency or school for academic opportunities.

We’re welcoming new partners

Educatius Academy is currently welcoming new partners. Book a meeting with us if you’d like to join our network of agencies and schools that are offering the USA High School Dual Diploma and single courses. We’re happy to answer questions about our programs, academic and personal support, and ways to promote virtual learning to your local students and families.

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