For partners

Educatius Group is the world leader in high school study abroad programs. We partner with education agents and consultants, schools, and language centers to deliver exceptional international high school experiences to students worldwide. Now, we’re launching Educatius Academy Online to deliver online programs that put a U.S. high school diploma within reach of students everywhere.
Helping students stand out will set you apart 

Holding a U.S. high school diploma gives students a competitive edge when applying to university, competing for internships, and applying for work. By making it possible, your agency or school will be the destination for ambitious students and families.

Earn more by offering more

As an agent offering students new ways to achieve their academic goals, you’ll have new ways to drive revenue. You’ll also attract more students and families and retain them longer, increasing the lifetime value of your clients. 

You’ve done the hard work already

If you have J-1 and F-1 students on exchange programs, you’ve already recruited for the dual diploma program. The only thing left to decide is whether your student will start online classes before they go abroad, after returning home, or both. No matter what they choose, you’ll increase the overall value of each student.

Retain more students and families

Our programs give agents and schools more ways to answer students when they ask, what do I do next? Having all the answers will see you retain students longer and welcome back families supporting multiple children.

Be a hero to students who can’t go abroad 

Families that can’t send their child abroad will turn to your agency or school. Because by offering Educatius Academy Online programs, you’ll enable them to overcome the obstacles keeping them from the educational opportunities they deserve.

Genuine prestige

Prestigious American boarding schools deliver Educatius Academy Online programs. This includes live, one-to-one academic support from engaged teachers. Students also receive personalized guidance counseling before their studies begin and college counseling when they near graduation. The reputation of our academic delivery partners and the counseling always included in our offer is truly unique among online secondary education providers.

Become a partner

Partner with us and position your agency or school as a clear route to the U.S. high school diploma ambitious students are after. We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide our partners and their students, so rely on us every step of the way. Contact us today and discover more about Educatius Group, Educatius Academy Online, and our exciting online programs.

Earn more by offering more

Offering students more ways to reach their goals creates more ways for you to drive revenue.

Become a destination

Giving students a route to an elite American education will give you a competitive edge.

Retain more students

Retain students by giving them more exciting milestones in their educational journey.

Be a hero

Families that cannot send their child abroad will turn to your agency or school for academic opportunities.

We’re welcoming new partners

Educatius Academy Online is currently welcoming new partners. Book a meeting with us if you’d like to join our network of agencies and schools. We’re also happy to answer questions about our programs, academic and personal support, and ways to promote online learning to students and families.