Full-Time U.S. High School Diploma Online

This program is for students who choose not to attend high school locally in their home country. It’s the perfect way to complete high school studies and earn a high school diploma from the USA. Students earn the credentials needed for further study, apprenticeships, and employment.
Online classes 

Graduate with a U.S. high school diploma by earning up to 25 credits through full-time study. If you’ve attended high school before, some or all of your credits will count toward your diploma. Students with no high school experience earn all of the required credits online. Everyone must take mandatory high school classes as well as English and U.S. History. In addition, students can choose optional electives for credits.

Flexible full-time study

Full-time study can be demanding, but this program is flexible. The classes are asynchronous, which means you can study at times that work for you and at your own pace. You can also start at any time. You’ll still engage live with teachers and tutors for the core courses, but the program is designed to facilitate your success. 

Personalized guidance   

Every student gets personalized academic counseling to help plan their online education. We start by reviewing transcripts if you have completed any high school. We also assess your English language skills and discuss your aspirations for life after graduation. This information informs what classes we recommend you take to reach your academic goals.   

Quick facts: Full-Time U.S. High School Diploma Online

  • Earn a high school diploma online
  • Apply credits you already have
  • Study full-time online
  • Start anytime and study at your own pace
  • Get help selecting the right classes
  • Support is provided to help you stay on track to graduation

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Launch your international education online in just a few steps!

1. Select your program
Find the program that will help you achieve your academic goals and enroll.
2. Submit transcripts
Send us application materials, including transcripts from your local high school.
3. Enjoy your studies
Once you’re accepted, you’ll get access to our custom learning platform.
4. Graduate
Finish your program and start planning the next step in your academic career.

Get free academic tutoring

Educatius Academy Online students can speak to academic tutors 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. They can help you better understand the subject you’re studying, complete assignments, and prepare for exams. And the cost is included in the cost of your program. There are more support services included in your program.

Hear from our Alumni

“The teachers are so nice and helpful and I love the fact that I can manage my own time. The platform is easy to use and it has lots of useful tools that helps me progress. I would recommend this to anyone!”

Tamaya, 17 Years old, France


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