College and University Counseling

Students enrolled in our online boarding school diploma programs, get access to college counseling and support. The College Advisement Program (CAP) can help you find the right university or college and guide you through the application process.
Personalized College Counseling

One-to-one guidance from an experienced college counselor.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Students will receive an offer from at least one of the 300+ colleges and universities in the CAP network.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students can apply for exclusive CAP scholarships.

Application Fee Waiver

No fees are charged for the first 3 applications students make to colleges or universities within the CAP network.

Apply Anywhere

Students can get support applying to any school, including those outside the CAP network.

Two Academy female students laughing at graduation and is wearing green cap and gown.

Book Academic Counseling

Book a one-to-one meeting with us and tell us about your academic goals. Together, we’ll explore the best way to get you where you want to go.

An asian boy student is studying online sitting in front of his laptop.