Hybrid Dual Diploma

Students who study abroad in any English-speaking country can now earn a USA high school diploma! By combining the credits (courses) from studies abroad, virtual courses, and local high school classes, students become eligible for a U.S. high school dual diploma.
Study Abroad + Online Courses + High School at Home

Students need a total of 5 – 6 U.S. credits (courses) to graduate. You earn a dual diploma when you complete high school in your home country and earn all the required American credits.  During your time abroad, you can earn up to 2 credits from the classes you take at your international high school. You just need to take about 3-4 online courses on top of your regular studies to graduate with a U.S. high school diploma.

Study when you want to

You can take the virtual courses before you go on exchange, after you return, or both. There’s even an option to study in the summer. The classes are asynchronous, which means you can start and study when you want, and pace the courses to fit your needs. Optional live courses are offered twice a month in core courses, so you will still have the opportunity to interact with teachers and classmates if you choose.

Take courses that interest you

You’ll take a variety of courses during your Dual Diploma program, including a couple required subjects such as: US History and English. The rest are electives so you get to choose what you want to study. Options include interesting subjects that may not be available at your local high school. Deepening your knowledge in subjects that interest you will be fun and possibly inform what you study after high school. 

Quick facts: Hybrid Dual Diploma

  • Combine courses taken on exchange, online, and at home
  • The total courses enable you to earn your USA High School Dual Diploma!
  • Study online before you go abroad on exchange, after, or both
  • Get support from teachers and academic advisors
  • Take online classes during the academic year or summer
  • Spread the online diploma courses out over 1 – 4 years
  • Start anytime and study at your own pace

Study Abroad in America

The Hybrid Dual Diploma is an easy way to add value to the life-changing experience of studying abroad on exchange. Students following a Dual Diploma program can study abroad at any accredited high school. As an exchange student in America, you’ll be immersed in a rewarding academic environment and enjoy the extracurricular fun American high schools are famous for. And of course, you’ll become fluent in English! If you want to go on exchange or need more information, contact us. We send over 7,000 students abroad on high school programs, and we can help you have the experience you’re after.

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