Educatius Academy Online

Educatius Academy Online is a division of Educatius Group.

For almost 20 years, Educatius Group has helped high school students achieve their dream of studying abroad. We now send 7,000 high school students from over 60 countries on international high school study programs in 14 countries—every year.

We are the high school experts.

The industry leader

Every year we help 7,000 students realize their dream of studying abroad

Global reach

We enroll students from over 60 countries in high school programs in 14 countries

Trusted by students

Students love their experience, with 95% saying they’d recommend us

A reliable partner

We have sales and support offices in more than 15 countries worldwide

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Partner with us and position your agency or school as a clear route to the U.S. high school diploma ambitious students are after. We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide our partners and their students, so rely on us every step of the way. Contact us today and discover more about Educatius Group, Educatius Academy Online, and our exciting online programs.