Program Counseling

Our team of experienced guidance counselors helps you even before your studies begin. We match you with the program and classes that will serve your academic goals. We stay with you to guide you throughout your journey, so you stay on track and successfully reach graduation day.
Program Validation

Our advisors review your local high school transcript to match you with the best program. Understanding your history means we can determine precisely how you can reach your academic goals.

​Course Selection

Once you’ve selected a program, we help you build a schedule that includes all the required courses and electives that best match your interests, academic goals, and English-language proficiency.

Academic Support

Once you start courses, your advisor keeps an eye on your progress and important deadlines. If they feel you might be slipping behind, they will reach out with support and encouragement.

Quick facts: Academic counseling

  • Help selecting a program
  • Guidance on picking courses
  • Academic support
  • Deadline reminders

Book free academic counseling

Book a one-to-one meeting with us and tell us about your academic goals. Together, we’ll explore the best way to get you where you want to go.

A girl student with diploma is sitting in front of her laptop smiling and does the victory sign with her fingers.